Module of NFT and Collection Tags domain

This domain allows wallets to organize the NFT display based on categories, such as Art, Profile Picture, Collectibles, etc.


tags::Art has drop, store

tags::ProfilePicture has drop, store

tags::Collectible has drop, store

tags::GameAsset has drop, store

tags::TokenisedAsset has drop, store

tags::Ticker has drop, store

tags::DomainName has drop, store

tags::Music has drop, store

tags::Video has drop, store

tags::Ticket has drop, store

tags::License has drop, store

tags::TagDomain has store


Name Type Description
id object::UID

tags::Witness has drop

Witness used to authenticate witness protected endpoints


public fun art(): tags::Art

public fun profile_picture(): tags::ProfilePicture

public fun collectible(): tags::Collectible

public fun game_asset(): tags::GameAsset

public fun tokenised_asset(): tags::TokenisedAsset

public fun ticker(): tags::Ticker

public fun domain_name(): tags::DomainName

public fun music(): tags::Music

public fun video(): tags::Video

public fun ticket(): tags::Ticket

public fun license(): tags::License

public fun empty(ctx: &mut tx_context::TxContext): 

public fun has_tag<T: drop + store>(
    domain: &tags::TagDomain,
): bool

public fun add_tag<T: drop + store>(
    domain: &mut tags::TagDomain,
    tag: T,

Adds tag to TagDomain

public fun remove_tag<T: drop + store>(
    domain: &mut tags::TagDomain,

Removes tag from TagDomain

public fun tag_domain<C>(nft: &nft::Nft<C>): 

public fun collection_tag_domain<C>(
    collection: &collection::Collection<C>,
): &tags::TagDomain

public fun collection_tag_domain_mut<C>(
    _witness: witness::Witness<C>,
    collection: &mut collection::Collection<C>,
): &mut tags::TagDomain

Requires that sender is a creator

public fun add_tag_domain<C, W>(
    witness: &W,
    nft: &mut nft::Nft<C>,
    tags: tags::TagDomain,

public fun add_collection_tag_domain<C, W>(
    witness: &W,
    collection: &mut collection::Collection<C>,
    tags: tags::TagDomain,